Bradley Williams’ guest editorial regarding HB 505 leaves out some very important information. HB 505 makes it a felony for your doctor to answer your questions about how to die peacefully when your terminal disease becomes unbearable. It would toss him in jail for 10 years and fine him up to $50,000. It would force you to die in agony. Citizens testifying against HB 505 shared horrifying stories of loved ones who were denied the right to die with dignity because of some politicians’ intrusion into the most private decisions a person can make.

The real bill to protect against elder abuse, SB 220, a 13-page bill that provided meticulously-crafted protections for elderly or terminal patients was quickly tabled in committee. Williams fails to reveal that SB 220 provided absolute guarantees against the elder abuse he alleges are protected under HB 505. The issue of elder abuse is in fact the guise under which politicians would arrogantly substitute their personal beliefs for your choices. It intrudes on the doctor/patient relationship and is the ultimate violation of your right to privacy.

The hearing on the bill will be in the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 26. Contact your senators and tell them to vote no.

Jane Jelinski