After enduring this past year of political ineptitude, I am dumbfounded by the ignorance of the American voter. While I have disdain for both political parties, the most obvious ignorance is demonstrated by those who call themselves "liberals." Thus I have three questions for you.

1. While it is obvious you got straight A's in sensitivity training (“We care about this, we care about that...”) it seems just as obvious that you flunked economics. If a person, or the government, decides to spend money on something, shouldn't they first ask themselves "How are we going to pay for it?" Through all the political debate over the last couple of years I have not heard a single liberal (or our president) address that question other than to say "let's tax the rich more!" Why is the concept of a budget so impossible for you to grasp? The tea party pleaded for it and your response was to vilify them.

2. I realize that many of you are socialists and dislike business, but our entire economy is based on the success of business. When businesses are successful the people benefit because employment is greater and government has more taxes to fund all those things you care about. Why then, are you so hell-bent on killing American business through higher taxation, over regulation, and encouraging a corrupt legal system and bureaucracy that adds to the cost of everything we purchase? America is the biggest business in the world and yet you elect politicians with no business experience to run it.

3. Our country was made great by giving people freedom and incentive to succeed. Liberalism seeks to replace both with dependence on a nanny government. Doesn't it bother you that your children and grandchildren will someday curse you for trading their freedom for massive debt, and an Obama phone?

Dan Klusmann


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