I'm not an economist, or even a savvy financial wonder-brain. But, did anybody else find it fairly disturbing that our local university paid $23,500 to a design firm in Phoenix, Arizona for their new logo?

What ever happened to supporting local businesses and trades? We are a small, close-nit community that stands together on all kinds of issues. Yet we let a big spender in our community get away with dropping that kind of money out of state when our local area has many design agencies that could've produced that kind of work, if not better! I challenge Montana State University President Geoff Gamble and MSU's director of publications and graphics, Suzi Taylor, to explain this move to the community and the people who live and work in the great state of Montana.

Ironically, MSU even has a graphic design department, for those of you who may not know, with students that receive all kinds of art honors and awards every year. Many of MSU's graphic design alumni no longer reside in this state, as they must look to other urban areas for employment. HmmŠ Are we our own worst enemy? Look around. Do you support your local businesses? If you don't, maybe now is the time to start putting money back into our own pockets. Spend wisely and support Montanans hard at work. As an MSU alumni, I am disgusted, and won't be contributing any of my hard earned dollars to them when they call for donations!

Mary Edwards



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