In response to Tom Woods, candidate for HD 64 Bozeman, in Sunday’s paper, my first thought was liberal progressive. Would you rather buy oil from Hugo Chavez or Canada? Would you rather build a pipeline to Houston, or build a new refinery in the Bakken oil patch?

C’mon man, keep it in America. If you want to run for a seat in the House, we need solutions, not this status quo.

We have refineries in Billings, maybe they don’t have the capacity, I don’t know. I do know, we need and want the oil. I’m hearing $5 gas coming soon. Or, we can just wait and see what happens. Very lame opinion in my mind. If you ever aspire to make it to D.C., I can already tell how you would vote. Take off the rose-colored glasses and realize what we want and need. I’ll bet you drive electric, and when you get home and plug it in, where does that power come from? Coal my friend. If you live in eastern Montana it would be wise to file for mineral rights on your property. Royalties.

Matthew Cocharo