A 56-year-old German man died after an accident in Yellowstone National Park on Monday, the National Park Service said.

Carl Dullmaier of Gernsheim, Germany, suffered a head injury after being thrown from a horse near Tower Junction. He later died in a Billings hospital.

Also on Monday, a 37-year-old man from Provo, Utah, was burned by a thermal feature on the Solitary Geyser Trail in the Upper Geyser Basin. He was transported by ambulance to West Yellowstone and then flown by plane to a burn center in Salt Lake City.

In another incident, a 65-year-old British man from Bangkok, Thailand, was hurt when he was thrown into the air by a bull bison at Mammoth Hot Springs. He was taken to a hospital in Livingston.

In a written statement, the park service reminded visitors to stay on boardwalks and designated trails when viewing thermal features in the park. Park visitors are also reminded to stay at least 25 yards away from animals for safety's sake.


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