MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS, Wyo. – The fate of the second man accused of driving a bus load of Sacajawea Middle School students into Yellowstone National Park while under the influence of alcohol in June will not be determined for at least another week.

After a bench trial held in federal court today in Yellowstone National Park, U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephen E. Cole did not render a verdict in the case against Jack Kane Parrent Jr.

Cole gave defense attorney Jami Rebsom three days to research case law to support her objection to the judge considering Parrent’s blood-alcohol levels. Rebsom claims law enforcement agents did not advise Parrent of his right to refuse breath tests.

Parrent did not testify during the trial today, but his co-defendant, Kevin Leon Stark, did.

Stark said the two had gone out drinking and gambling in Gardiner on June 2, the night before the two were arrested. Stark said he had difficulty rousing Parrent from his hotel room the following morning.

Stark pleaded guilty last week to operating a commercial vehicle with a detectable amount of alcohol, a misdemeanor. He will sentenced Jan. 11.

Stark and Parrent, both of Bozeman, were arrested June 3, while working for Karst Stage. The two no longer work for the transportation company.

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