A public celebration of life in honor of professor Betsy Palmer will be held Friday, Sept. 13, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Romney Oval on the Montana State University campus.

The celebration will honor the achievements of Palmer, an associate professor of education at MSU who died in May as a result of injuries suffered in a landslide while traveling in Nepal.

MSU will host the celebration with people whose lives were touched by Palmer as a recognized scholar, devoted teacher and committed community member.

The celebration will include readings, stories and personal anecdotes that all pay tribute to Palmer’s life and legacy. Light refreshments will be served after the celebration for people to share memories and stories of how Palmer shaped their lives.

“Betsy was a strong, spirited, amazing woman filled with graciousness and kindness for every person she met. She was a gifted and award-winning teacher, researcher and scholar because she cared deeply about her students and was passionate about finding ways to promote their success and well-being throughout their college experiences. We have lost an incredible member of our department, our family and our lives,” said Jayne Downey, head of the MSU Department of Education.

Palmer, who taught statistics and research methods, came to the university in 2001. Through MSU’s adult and higher education program, she also taught courses that focused on college student research and theory, student services, and college curriculum and teaching. Her research focused on college students and the institutional practices that help students.

Palmer spent the 2011-2012 academic year conducting research in Nepal. In May 2012, she received the MSU Department of Education’s Outstanding Research Award.


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