Sharon Jelle is the ultimate definition of a Bobcat fanatic. She proudly sports a baseball cap, sweatshirt, T-shirt and key chain -- all emblazoned with the iconic Montana State University colors.

When asked if she thought she was the biggest Bobcat fan in the state, Jelle nodded enthusiastically and beamed a smile that could warm the coldest heart.

“If it’s freezing and snowing outside, she refuses to wear a coat unless it says ‘Bobcats’ on it,” said Jessica Kristoff, a work services specialist at Reach Inc., a local nonprofit that serves adults with developmental disabilities.

Jelle has Down syndrome, but that doesn’t stop her from cheering her favorite team.

She always watches the games start to finish, and admits that she doesn’t care too much if the ‘Cats win or lose, as long as she has the chance to watch them play.

“She goes to as many games as possible,” said Julia Stewart, Jelle’s group home instructor. Stewart sewed a Bobcat patch on Jelle’s coat for her, because she otherwise wouldn’t wear it and couldn’t afford a real one.

Jelle currently works on the Buffalo Restoration cleaning crew, and she often uses her money to buy the Bozeman Daily Chronicle just to see the Bobcats in the sports section.

When she’s not busy cheering on her beloved team, she enjoys “all kinds” of arts and crafts. Her preferred subject to draw, of course, is the “Bobcats,” she said.

Food is another one of her passions; she helps plan the menus at her home each week and always lends a hand with the cooking and baking at her home. She said her favorite foods are “pizza, spaghetti and pumpkin pie.”

“And yes,” Stewart confirmed, “she wears Bobcat clothes every single day.”


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