The Bozeman School Board will vote on hiring Sarah Hays as the new principal of Emily Dickinson Elementary School when it meets tonight.

Hays has worked in the Bozeman schools for 20 years, teaching English at Bozeman High School and serving as district curriculum coordinator and high school assistant principal. At Emily Dickinson, she would replace Sharon Navas, who has been chosen to lead Bozeman’s eighth elementary school, which will open this fall.

The board meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the Willson School boardroom. Three incumbent trustees, who were confirmed by voters in last week’s election, will be sworn in again. The board will also vote on awarding a contract for $124,900 for the second phase of the high school locker room renovation, approving a new Native American studies class as a high school elective, and adopt new curriculum standards for family and consumer science classes.


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