The Bozeman School Board will meet Monday night to vote on approving new proposed courses at Bozeman High and to discuss a safety plan that would cover everything from earthquakes to intruders and dangerous animals.

The new Bozeman High courses are aimed at better preparing students for college and careers. Adding new courses wouldn't increase the budget. Instead, money would be shifted from old courses to new ones, depending on which classes students sign up for in the spring.

New proposed classes are aerospace engineering, anatomy and physiology and Advanced Placement macro-economics. Names of several courses would also be changed, in art history, advanced math for liberal arts, and computer applications and communication. Foreign languages would instead be called world languages. Students in the Biomedical 4 and computer coding classes would gain the opportunity for dual credit toward both high school graduation and college through Gallatin College.

School Board trustees will vote on allowing schools to stock auto-injectable epinephrine for students to have severe allergic reactions at school and suffer anaphylaxis.

Trustees will also hear an overview on the role of police officers assigned to Bozeman's schools and safety policies. State law requires all schools to have comprehensive safety plans by July 2014 to cover fire, earthquakes, extreme weather, firearms, intruders, explosive devices and dangerous animals.

The board meets at 6 p.m. in the board room of Willson School. The full agenda can be see online at



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