The Bozeman High School Hawkers speech and debate team won the Eastern Regionals Tournament held last weekend at Butte High School.

Competing with seven other large AA Montana school districts, Bozeman's team won first place with 221 points, followed by Butte High in second with 92 and Billings Skyview in third place with 81.

Bozeman's Claire Babcock won first in varsity Lincoln-Douglas debate, while Katherine Budeski won first in original oratory and Maggie Russell won first in expository speaking.

In other results for Hawkers team members:

  • Varsity policy debate: Ruby Speth and Anna Atwell, second; Kayleigh Abbott and Ben Kelly, third; Sean Swinford and Devan Murfitt, fifth; Natasha Sullivan and Monica Robinson, seventh; and Zach Hansen and Cameron Tate, eighth.
  • Varsity Lincoln-Douglas debate: Sean Van Dyke, second; Jeffrey Kampfe, fifth; Blake Dokken, sixth; and Kurt Swimley, eighth.
  • Public forum: John Schlender and Irvin Tran, second; Bayley Bowman and Anna Kaveney, fourth; and Sophia Wilson and Erik Eng, seventh.
  • Extemporaneous speaking: Peter Crawford-Kahrl, second; Cayley Bod, fourth; and Sarah Nagy, sixth.
  • Impromptu speaking: Anna Donch, third.
  • Duo interpretation: Katherine Budeski and Peter Crawford-Kahrl, second; Nate Breigenzer and Seamus Branch, third; Emma Sundeen and Justice Geddes, fourth; and Camille Landon and Isaiah Bertagnolli, fifth.
  • Humorous interpretation: Isaiah Bertagnolli, fifth; and Seamus Branch, eighth.
  • Serious interpretation: Mariclaire Bozarth, second; and Jaleh Brown, sixth.
  • Memorized public address: Martha Krebill, second.
  • Original oratory: Maggie Russell, eighth.
  • Expository speaking: Nancy Rich, second; Christina Denny, third; Jackson Lipfert, fifth; and Maddy Kruse, sixth.


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