New classes for Bozeman High School students will be up for approval when the Bozeman School Board meets tonight.

The proposed new classes include media and marketing, computer coding, engineering-digital electronics, geometry for gifted and talented students, music-percussion, Native American studies and psychology II.

High school officials also recommend all juniors take the combined U.S. history and English class, now taken by most juniors. The graduation requirement for English would change, with the junior-level English class given one full credit, instead of the current half credit, to meet the requirements of the new Common Core State Standards.

In addition, several existing high school classes would be renamed and some classwork in music and world language would be revised.

Also on the agenda, Superintendent Rob Watson will recommend hiring Robin Miller as the district's curriculum director, a job the former Hawthorne Elementary principal has filled on an interim basis this year. Watson wrote that the appointment will provide stability as the schools implement the new Common Core.

Watson will also give a progress report on how the district is putting its long-range strategic plan into effect.

The School Board meets at 6 p.m. in the board room of Willson School, 404 W. Main St. The full agenda is on the school district website at