The last day of school will fall a little later than usual next year for Bozeman School District students.

The School Board voted unanimously Monday to adopt a 2012-2013 school calendar that sets the last day of school as June 13, 2013. That’s almost a week later than this year’s June 7 end date. The first day of school will remain the same, Aug. 29.

The difference is that a few additional days off are sprinkled through the 2012-2013 school year.

The holiday break at Christmas will be 10 days long, instead of eight. It will run from Dec. 22 to Jan. 6.

Memorial Day 2013 will be a four-day holiday, instead of three days. Pat Strauss, human resources director, said that’s because Bozeman High School won the bid to host the state track meet, and the school and its parking lots would be too congested if school were in session on Friday, when families from all over the state come to see the meet.

Thanksgiving will again be a three-day holiday. Strauss said that was lengthened a few years ago in response to families and community members who needed more time to travel.

Graduation will be held Sunday, June 9, 2013.

A committee came up with two options for next year, and then the entire school staff was invited to vote electronically. The second option won with 268 votes, while the first option received 129 votes.

Asked whether next school year’s calendar reflects the reforms being considered by the school district’s Calendar Task Force, Strauss said no. The task force is investigating whether to recommend any major changes to the School Board, such as year-round school, longer school days or four-day weeks.

Strauss said the soonest any major changes could take effect would be 2014, Strauss said.

In other action, the School Board:

  • Approved out-of-state student field trips for next year, including visits to Yellowstone National Park, Washington, D.C., and foreign language trips to other countries.
  • Discussed a new policy, recommended by the Montana School Boards Association, which would allow breastfeeding at work, unpaid break time, flexible hours and a break room to accommodate nursing mothers if it doesn’t disrupt school operations. The new policy will be voted on at the next meeting.
  • Approved teacher training and professional development plans for each school for next year, focusing on issues like teaching writing and implementing the new Common Core content standards. Tami Phillippi, teachers’ union president, said the addition of 12 hours of individual professional development has been “an absolute success.”

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