A Helena man who regularly works as a disc jockey at a Bozeman bar has been charged with raping a local woman.

Charges were filed this week by the Gallatin County Attorney’s Office against Jared Robert Kuntz, 30. He is facing charges of felony sexual intercourse without consent and misdemeanor unlawful transactions with children.

A $50,000 warrant for Kuntz's arrest was issued Wednesday.

According to the charging documents:

On Dec. 30, a Gallatin County jail inmate reported that Kuntz had raped her. The 18-year-old woman had been arrested the previous night after a man found her in his vehicle parked in his garage.

The woman had met Kuntz after he came into the business where she worked. He told her he was a DJ at Bar IX in downtown Bozeman.

Kuntz and the woman decided to see a movie at 7:10 p.m. Dec. 29. Before going into the theater, the two drank Kuntz’s alcohol in his SUV. The woman remembered taking several large gulps of different kinds of whiskey in about 10 minutes.

The two then went to the movie, but had to leave after about 45 minutes because the woman was very intoxicated and disoriented, she said.

The woman vaguely remembers leaving the theater and Kuntz helping her because she couldn’t walk.

She couldn’t remember what happened for the next several hours, but recalls waking up at one point and seeing Kuntz lying on top of her.

The woman said she woke up at about 11:15 p.m. in an unfamiliar home on Holly Drive. She was only wearing her bra. She got dressed, but couldn’t find her underwear. Kuntz was not in the home.

After leaving the house, the woman said she stumbled to the house next door where the homeowner found her and called police.

The woman reported having sore hips and thighs and believed she had been sexually assaulted. Before being booked into jail, the woman was taken to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital and had a sexual crime examination. Her blood alcohol level was 0.11.

In recorded calls between Kuntz and the woman, Kuntz said he remembered kissing her but said he wouldn’t have taken advantage of her while she was passed out. However, Kuntz asked the woman if she was on birth control and encouraged the woman to get emergency contraception. He also indicated that he could get the woman’s underwear back for her.

During the calls, Kuntz again asked the woman her age and told her he was 24 years old.

Kuntz works for a Helena-based construction company and was allowed to stay at the Holly Drive home, which the business owns, while he was in Bozeman for DJ work under his stage name, DJ Krave.

During a search of the home, the woman’s socks were found under couch cushions. When contacted by investigators, Kuntz denied knowing the woman and asked to speak with an attorney.

Kuntz is currently on probation for burglary and two criminal mischief charges out of Missoula County.

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