Teachers, lunch aides, even bus drivers are getting a slight pay raise in upcoming school years.

School employees are slated to get 3 percent wage bumps after the 2012-2013 school year, according to  The raises were agreed upon by the Belgrade School District and each of the employee groups, from tenured teachers to incoming lunch aides.

“From this point on, we will have standard for everyone,” Superintendent of Belgrade Schools Candy Lubansky said. “This will create clarity and unity between the pay lanes.”

The raises mean approximately a 4.5 percent increase to the district-wide budget, but won’t cost taxpayers anything. Lubansky said the district gets money from a general pot, special education funds, two non-voted on levies and Title I funds.

Lubansky said the education system revolves around people, so does its budget.

“Our business is a people-based business,” she said. “There is all kinds of evidence, like to building the new elementary school and using Belgrade based contractors.”

In the district, there are 219 teachers and administrators. There are 330 employees that fall under the “classified” category, which include kitchen and lunch aides. Lubansky falls under the “various” category along with 11 other employees.

“This new system means there are more pathways for growth, whether that’s for a bus driver or administrator,” Lubansky said. “We want to be a responsible employer in tough economic times.”

The Belgrade School board still needs to officially sign off on the raises, which they will do next week at their monthly meeting. Lubansky said the board will lay out more details about the pay increase and how much it will expand the school’s overall budget.

The school board meets next Monday at 7 p.m. at the District School Offices.


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