An informational meeting to discuss the reconstruction of approximately 3.8 miles of Jackrabbit Lane and Highway 191 will be held Wednesday, March 30, at Zoot Enterprises, Inc., 555 Zoot Enterprises Lane, Bozeman.

The open house will begin at 6:30 p.m. followed by the presentation at 7 p.m.

The project will consist of widening Jackrabbit Lane to five lanes, with six lanes at the Huffine Lane intersection. Norris Road will be widened to four lanes to the west of Jackrabbit Lane, and Highway 191 will be widened to the south of Huffine Lane.

The public is encouraged to attend the meeting, which will feature the Montana Department of Transportation along with engineering consultant, Robert Peccia & Associates.

Opinions, comments and concerns for this project, Four Corners N, may also be submitted in writing at the meeting; by mail to Jeff Ebert, Butte District administrator, Butte District office, P.O. Box 3068, Butte, MT 59702-3068; or online,


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