Voters in the Bozeman School District approved property tax levies in Tuesday's election, while Belgrade voters rejected their school levies, according to tallies released after 12:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Bozeman Superintendent Kirk Miller reported that the vote was 4,519 yes to 3,917 no votes, or 54 percent approval, for the largest levy on the ballot -- $1.5 million a year for six years for building repairs and maintenance in the high school district.

The general fund tax levies to help pay for running Bozeman's schools in the coming year also passed. The vote was 4,676 yes to 2,558 no votes, or 65 percent approval, on the Bozeman elementary district levy, and 5,364 yes to 3,097 no votes, or 63 percent approval, on the high school levy.

"I've very pleased," Miller said. "I appreciate the support of the community."

In the Belgrade School District, voters rejected both general fund levies. Charlotte Mills, Gallatin County clerk and recorder, said the vote on the Belgrade elementary levy was 1,876 yes to 2,311 no votes. The vote on the Belgrade high school levy was 2,040 yes to 2,211 no votes.