Voicing its support for more one- and two-year degree programs at Montana State University, the Bozeman City Commission on Monday approved funding for Gallatin College Programs.

The commission voted 4-0 to allocate 1.5 mills, or $121,175, in city reserve funds this year and the same amount in general funds next year to GCP.

"It's a message to other funding sources in the county and the state that: one, we're seriously behind it, and two, they should be too," Commissioner Carson Taylor said.

Commissioner Cyndy Andrus said supporting GCP means supporting local job creation.

GCP, a burgeoning subsidiary of Montana State University, offers associate degrees in interior design, design drafting, aviation and a certificate program welding as well as courses in developmental math and developmental writing.

Mayor Jeff Krauss recused himself from the vote because he serves an advisor to GCP and works at MSU's Museum of the Rockies.

The city has about $4.4 million in its reserve fund, basically the city's savings account. City ordinance requires the city to maintain about 17 percent of operating revenues in its reserve. The current amount is about 19 percent.

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