The Community Food Co-op's new downtown Bozeman grocery store is expected to open this week, a store representative said Monday.

Wendy Westmoreland, marketing and membership services manager, said workers are gearing up to open the new store in a few days. She said she isn't sure exactly what day that will be.

"We still have a little ways to go to make sure that everything is perfect," she said.

Located in the old Western Drug space at 44 E. Main St., the Co-op Downtown will be a 5,000-square-foot market and eatery.

The grocery will have a self-service deli, soup and salad bar, sandwiches made to order and smoothies and baked goods, among other items, Westmoreland said. It will have seating for 40 people.

There will also be a market that includes organic produce, bread, milk, beer and wine.

The store is in addition to the Co-op's current grocery at 908 W. Main St.

Westmoreland said the store has hired 51 new staff members with the opening of the new store.

The Co-op, which has been in Bozeman for 31 years, now employs 193 people and has more than 11,000 active members, Westmoreland said.

The Co-op's new store will be the second grocery store in downtown Bozeman. Heeb's East Main Grocery is at 544 E. Main St.

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