A parking space for cars downtown is being turned into a parking space for bicycles.

The Downtown Bozeman Partnership will install downtown's first bike "parking stall" on Friday next to Bangtail Bikes at the northwest corner of Main Street and Bozeman Avenue.

The bike rack will have room for 15 bikes and be built on the street in the parking space closest to the intersection.

"In the last year, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of customers and employees riding bikes to and from downtown," Chris Naumann, executive director of the downtown partnership said in a news release. "From late May until mid-October, the bike racks along Main Street are at capacity and bikes are locked to the tree grates, street lamps and sign posts."

The new bike rack is intended to help meet the demand.

The rack is part of a pilot program designed to provide additional bike parking along Main Street, Naumann said. The bike rack will be removed in the winter so the street can be plowed.

If the rack works well, Naumann said others will be put up downtown.

"On-street bike racks have been used for years in places like Denver, Portland and Seattle," he said. "Smaller communities are employing the same method to provide more bike parking in places with limited space like downtown."


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