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MSU professor publishes book of children’s poems

“Poems For Intelligent Children With a Sense of Humor (This Means You).”

Jack Jelinski, Professor Emeritus at Montana State University, has just published a book of poetry for children, “Poems For Intelligent Children With a Sense of Humor (This Means You).” Jelinski’s poems and short vignettes that have been published in local magazines over the years. He is the author of “Water Like the Soul of an Angel,” a book of poetry about the authentic experience of nature, and “Searching for Magdalene,” a memoir about finding his mother.

Jelinski retired from full-time service at the University in 2003 and taught on a post-retirement contract until 2006. He returned in 2013 as interim chair of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. Having spent most of his career during a time when computers, word-processing and email were not involved in the conduct of personal and professional life, Jelinski is now experiencing a “new normal” at the age of seventy. He is even developing a website, “Buena Suerte Books” to market his books and is working on a novel.

His new book of poems for children has been a labor of love. Son Adam, an artist residing in Portland, Ore., is the illustrator. They enlisted the assistance of a family friend and graphic artist, Amy Sowers, to be the book designer and recently published their book with Createspace, a division of Amazon.

The Country Bookshelf will host a book signing for “Poems For Intelligent Children With a Sense of Humor (This Means You)” on Saturday, Nov. 23, at 3 p.m. He will briefly discuss the development of the book, display some of the original art panels, answer questions and read a few poems before signing books. The poems are written to resonate with children from first grade up to middle school age.

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