The Gallatin County Court clerk recently issued the following marriage licenses:

Valente Issac Perry, 22, and Mary Mackenzie Joyner, 20, both of Bozeman.

Calvin Jerome Pouncy, 32, and Danielle Maia Davis, 18, both of Bozeman.

Edward Scott Forsythe, 24, and Heidi Jo Williamson, 25, both of Bozeman.

David Jeremy Link, 20, and Amy Lee Tyree, 19, both of Bozeman.

Robert Brandon Allen, 24, and Alicia Marie Zentner, 20, both of Belgrade.

Andrew Michael Kohler, 31, and Melanie Marie Souder, 28, both of Selah, Wash.

Terry Richard Masters, 45, and Sandra Byrd Matheson, 47, both of Three Forks.

Mark Myles Marcelin, 39, and Brenda RenZ Samuelson, 29, both of Bozeman.

Loyal Wayne Jodar, 69, and Janice Esther Griffin, 47, both of Petoskey, Mich.

Shawn Robert Bossert, 29, and Michelle Marie Daily, 22, both of Belgrade.

Moriah Clay McIntire, 28, and Claudia Cristina Zapata, 22, both of Emigrant.

Randall Dean Ross, 44, and Diane Patricia Cole, 46, both of Bozeman.

Paul Daniel Micech, 31, and Serena Sue Nelson, 28, both of Bozeman.

John Engelmohr, 27, and Maren Jennifer Hess, 34, both of St. Louis, Mo.

Joseph John Biedenbach, 47, of New Cumberland, Pa., and Bethany Renee Sigel, 33, of Westminster, Md.

Robert Edmond Gow, 25, and Dana Rochelle Stonebarger, 28, both of Manhattan.

Robert Dawson Whisenand, 29, and Rosa Ines Rodriguez, 22, both of Bozeman.

Steven Jason Burk, 29, and Amy Elizabeth Rodriguez, 27, both of Bozeman.

John Vital Jaumotte, 45, and Tamara Lee Sandstrom, 40, both of Belgrade.

Gallatin County Court recently granted the following divorces:

Jim Douglas Adams, 39, and Edwina Downey Hemingway, 37, both of Bozeman.

Kurt Albert Willoughby, 30, and Gardenia Joy Dosel, 22, both of Bozeman.

Joseph Robert Peck, 25, and Jennifer Rae Presley, 24, both of Bozeman.

Darren James Hellman, 29, and Karla Kay Hellman, 29, both of Bozeman.

Greg Joseph Hohn, 42, and Deborah Lynn Ahlstrom, 44, both of Three Forks.

Timothy Christopher Gay, 33, of Glen Elder, Kan., and Nancy Ann Dolan, 41, of Bozeman.

Randall Leo Herbst, 45, of Gallatin County and Celeste Dawn Bittner, 36, of Manhattan.

Steven Duane French, 41, and Lorene Gay Romey, 37, both of Manhattan.

Bruce Lovett, 47, of Webster, Mass., and Catherine M. Kozacik, 36, of Livingston.

Steven Craig Finney, 45, of Bozeman and Eunice Diane Romo, 48, of Saco.

Joseph Robert Hoffman, 37, of Bozeman and Wendy Jane Bies Hoffman, 32, of Three Forks.

Donald Fay Unsworth, 64, of Ennis and Linda Joan Langston, 57, of Bozeman.

Wade James Campbell, 26, and Naomi Blanche Newman, 27, both of Bozeman.

Philip Arthur George Howard, 42, and Laurie Jo Randich, 43, both of Bozeman.

Larry Lee Eaglin, 55, and Cheryl Jean Ann Rasmussen, 53, both of Bozeman.

Donald Dennis Healy, 41, and Irene (Margit) Healy, 43, both of Bozeman.

Marcus Alan Lambert, 29, and Janee Dee Davis, 25, both of Belgrade.